Receive the prize for the TOGA competition from PT. Citra Lampia Mandiri (CLM), Mothers Touched

The laughter mixed with emotion was felt by mothers in 4 villages in Malili District after receiving prizes in the form of award certificates, trophies and cash from PT. Citra Lampia Mandiri (CLM), Tuesday (06/09/2022).

The mothers who are members of the Dasawisma group won the Toga or Family Medicine Garden and nutritional plants competition, last Sunday (21/08/2022).

Those who managed to win were the Toga Orchid Group in Pasi-Pasi Village (Hope I), Asoka Group in Laskap Village (Hope II), Toga Mawar Group in Pongkeru Village (Hope III)

Meanwhile, for the third place winner, the Toga Mawar Group in Laskap Village, the Toga Mawar Group in Pasi-Pasi Village, and the Toga Mawar Group in the Healthy Village of Harapan Village for the first place.

External Relations PT. CLm, Fauzy Lukman in his speech gave appreciation for the enthusiasm of the community during the competition.

"We see that the community has potential in the herbal medicinal plant sector and nutritional plants by using yards and vacant land around the environment," he said.

He said this requires synergy between the government and the company in increasing the potential of the villages in the empowerment area of ​​PT. CLM

"As a form of company empowerment, of course we can realize this by involving and collaborating with existing stakeholders because development in the health sector is inseparable from national development," he said.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the East Luwu TP-PKK, Hj. Sufriaty Budiman, who was present at the event, hoped that the community's creativity would grow in using the home page to plant herbal medicines, vegetables and so on.

“Let's just imagine, if we plant medicinal plants or vegetables in our yard, it can bring in rupiah and will automatically help our economy a little. Or at least, we don't buy herbal medicines anymore, we don't have to buy vegetables, clams and so on," he said

He gave great appreciation to PT. CLM who has held this competition

“This activity is very positive and can stimulate the community, especially mothers, to start planting. Thank you and hopefully in the future, activities like this will not only be carried out in the empowerment area but throughout the East Luwu Regency," he concluded (*)


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