Desa Harapan 1st Winner of Toga Contest, Sufriaty Says Thank You to PT CLM

The Healthy Toga Mawar group, Harapan Village, Malili District, came out as the first winner in the Family Medicine Garden (Toga) and Nutritious Plants Competition organized by PT CLM.

In addition to getting a trophy, the Toga group also received a coaching fee of 9 million Rupiah. It was submitted directly by the Chairman of the TP PKK Lutim, Hj. Sufriaty.

The second place was won by the Toga Mawar Group, Pasi - Pasi Village, got a trophy and 6 million Rupiah, and the third place was won by the Cambodian Toga Group from Laskap Village, getting a trophy and 5 million Rupiah. The rest are Champion of Hope.

The announcement of the winners was made at the Malili sub-district office, Tuesday (06/09/2022).

Hj. Sufriaty in his speech said, the Toga competition was very good, behind this competition there was an awareness of the mothers using the yard of the house to plant plants that are beneficial to health.

“Now that the price of fuel is rising, the price of Lombok in the market is also rising. Mothers should be able to plant lombok and other vegetables in the yard of the house, so that for our lombok needs at home, we no longer need to buy them. "Said Sufriaty.

In addition to the needs of vegetables, through Toga can also be planted with herbal plants that can be used if a family member is sick.

The government is grateful to PT CLM, which mobilized residents to empower residents' yards and vacant land to be used as Family Medicine Gardens and Nutritious Plants, through the Toga competition.

PT CLM's External Manager, Fauzi Lukman, said that the enthusiasm of the community to take part in the Toga competition was very high.

As a company, we see that the potential of this herbal plant is very high and can be developed, especially in the CLM empowerment area by utilizing the yard or vacant land.

"Of course, we can achieve this through cooperation between the Regional Government and the company that involves all elements of the District Government to the Village. "said Fauzi.

PT Citra Lampia Mandiri also takes part in the health sector in terms of improving public health. And very much expected participation from the community.

“One of our efforts is to use the family medicine garden independently in the community. It is hoped that through this movement the community will independently find a solution for their health as first aid if someone is sick.

In the future, we hope that the plants in Toga will not only become a competition, but become a necessity, both in the short term and in the long term, innovations will arise to market their herbs.

What already exists we need to maintain and improve.


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