From Earth To Earth

Indonesian Nickel Mining Company

Indonesia Mining company with the largest IUP in South Sulawesi, committed to preserving the environment and prioritizing local empowerment along with its potential.


​PT Citra Lampia Mandiri is a local nickel mining company from East Luwu that implements Good Mining Practice thoroughly and is the only mining company that prioritizes local empowerment and potential.

PT Citra Lampia Mandiri is currently one of Indonesia Mining company that implements Good Mining Practice, namely starting mining operations from the exploration stage of mineral deposits based on a feasibility study, to passing the reclamation stage and post-mining land revegetation.



PT Citra Lampia Mandiri always strives to comply with regulations, planning, controlling, and recovering from mining activities for environmental sustainability. 


Amidst the proliferation of mining companies, neglecting the environment and solely prioritising unilateral interests, PT Citra Lampia Mandiri emerges as one of the nickel mining companies that implements Good Mining Practice wholly.

Good Mining Practice itself is a system of mining principles that conform to the rules and are well planned. It also includes appropriate technology based on effectiveness and efficiency, carries out mineral conservation, controls and maintains environmental functions, ensures work safety, accommodates people's aspiration and participation, generates added value, increases the capabilities and welfare of the surrounding community, and creates sustainable development.

Even more than that, this mining company with the largest IUP in South Sulawesi also has an economic independence program that also offers help to other sectors such as agrarian business, MSME funding, business facilities, as well as guided training. Therefore, the Indonesian Nickel Mining company, which was established in 2007, is also committed to preserving the environment, corresponding to our slogan "From Earth for Earth".



The process of extracting information with the aim of collecting data and potential mineral resources.


From earth to earth, the programs we run uphold the concept of nature conservation and social community.



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